Cast them All

It’s His Turn September 21, 2011 to have control of your life

Today what are you concerned about? Have you ever been facing a situation in your life and you didn’t know how you would make it through. All odds were stacked against you. You prayed and asked the Lord to provide a way and help you through the situation. He took care of every single detail. That is the kind of God we serve. Psalm 55:22 says cast all your cares on the Lord. The word all means just what it says EVERYTHING that you may be concerned or worried about. Lay it at His feet. I always tell people to tell Jesus everything. The things in your life you may be ashamed that you do, just talk to Him about it. He knows any way. A father when his child does something wrong or is worried about something wants them to come to him. The Lord Jesus Christ wants us to talk to Him about details of our life. He will sustain you and will never let the righteous fall. If you have Jesus Christ in your heart then you have this promise that you will not fall. You are building your life’s foundation on the rock of Jesus Christ. Today take a few minutes and write down some things in your life you are concerned about. Talk to the Lord about these things just as you would talk to your best friend, and watch our God show out!

Challenge for the Day: Take 15 minutes today and pray for someone you know that needs a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray about nothing else but for this person the whole 15 minutes.