Celebration Station

Learning about Jesus can and should be fun and exciting. Celebration Station is dedicated to sharing the love and power of Jesus Christ to children in a fun and exciting way. No matter what age a child may be, they can feel, experience, and enter into the presence of God; through songs, puppets, skits, illustrated sermon and much, much more.

Celebration Station teaches kids the importance of a strong relationship with Jesus Christ, a relationship that will never fail them, a love so amazing, so limitless and so overwhelming that we can stand in awe of how great it is. That they can be used by God in so many ways no matter what age they are, because each child is never too young to be used mightily by God. That Jesus loves them so much that he died on the cross for them before they were even born. Let’s just say it is back to the basics of teaching kids about Jesus Christ.
During a children’s service we are geared towards the grades K-5th grade. We set up a train backdrop that our puppet Dugan, he is our train conductor, comes through and interacts with us and the kids. He tries to be witty and silly and causes many laughs among the kids. We do praise and worship with the kids also. We do some fast interactive songs that get the kids up and moving around a bit. Games…can’t forget the games. We do a couple of games in a service. One that focuses on the verse that the lesson is geared towards for that service and another that is a review of all that was talked about that night. These defiantly put a smile on the faces of the kids. The meat of our service or the climax is the illustrated sermon or our Bible lesson. These are lessons that teach kids that Jesus wants to be their everything, their Savior and their best friend. These lessons are life changing.

We close the service with an application story that continues to tie the lesson in with how the kids can apply it to their lives. Then we have some worship songs and alter time where kids are asked if they want to accept Christ. There is no greater scene then when a child raises their hand to accept Christ for the first time. This is one train that kids will want to be a part of.