Give of your best to the Master

It’s His Turn September 20, 2009 to have control of your Life.

“Give of your best to the Master”

Read: Romans 1:1-8

Paul said “I am a Bond-servant of the Lord Jesus Christ”.  In the Greek culture a bond-servant was an involuntary permanent service slave.  Paul elevates the word by using it in its Hebrew text of a servant who is willing to commit and serve a master he loves and respects.  The Lord Jesus Christ is calling out for us to follow Him.  He wants us to commit to serving Him, and placing Him first in our Life.  If you are wondering what direction to go in your Life, God is saying to you “Trust Me”.  You may feel as if God is being silent in your situation, but He has not forgotten about you.  Serve Him out of pure love.  Be obedient to His word, and whatever He ask of you, give.  Give of your best to the Master.  Give Him all of you.  He will guide you.  He will open up that door. He will show you how, and sometime when you feel as if the mountain is too high to climb, He will carry you.  The call of God is always bigger than we are, because He wants us to lean on Him.  He loves you more then you could ever imagine.  He is working, but He will never get into a hurry.   Give Him Your BEST!