Youth S.A.E. Program – Youth “Surpassing All Expectations”

We are very excited to announce the launching in 2012 of a new program for His Turn Ministries called the Youth S.A.E. Program. The initials S.A.E. stand for surpassing all Expectations. This program will be for age’s k5-12th grades, and the program will focus on teaching life skills. Our desire for this program is to partner with churches, schools, parents, and other agencies in order to teach basic life skills. Our vision for this program is see all at-risk youth develop into mature young men and women. In our society kids are no longer coming from just fatherless homes, but from parentless homes. We feel the call to begin to develop a mentoring program in which teaches these important life skills, such as; respect, attitude, and the importance of staying in school. I was privileged to be able to attend the “Why Try” certification seminar in Charlotte a few weeks ago.


Why Try is a national program that teaches life skills. It uses three methods to teach the program. These methods of teaching are visual aids, music, and hand on activities. I enjoyed learning about how to teach this program, and I’m very excited about the opportunity to take this program in Juvenile Prisons, Churches, Community Centers, Schools, and wherever else God opens up the door. One example of one the lesson of “Why Try” is called the “Reality Ride”.


two tracks; one that is easy and fast, but leads to a crash. Then there is a loop that represents the fact that the cycle starts again and again, and makes you feel discouraged and confused. The other track is the slow and harder track, but worth it track. On this track you have an anchor and you also have more opportunities. This lesson deals with home life, school life, and peer pressure. This is the first lesson in the eight week course. Some other lessons include placing people around you to help you reach your goals, anger management, facing hurdles in life, and many more. The Youth S.A.E. program is also working on another life skills curriculum for young adults. We believe this is a program that will allow us to serve our community, and begin to even more intensify our mentor program. For further questions about the Youth S.A.E. program, feel free to contact me.


Buddy and Amanda Hall